Equisport Massager

Do you have many horses to massage? Are your hands sore?

To assist my customers and students, I am here presenting a great equine massage machine that will minimize your massaging effort and increase the many massage benefits onto your horse(s). This machine is called the Equisport Massager; it is a light and efficient piece of equipment that will allow you to massage your horse more efficiently, and save you a lot of the associated fatigue if you have many horses to massage.

This machine’s soft padding will softly loosen your horse’s big muscle groups faster than if massaged by hand. This will let you to save your energy for your finer hand-massage work over key sensitive areas. Furthermore, this fine machine represents a tremendous help to the people who have sore hands, arms or shoulders due arthritis or fibromyalgia. The Equisport Massager will make their life much easier.

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