Private Consultation

Do you want to talk about your animal´s problems?

Do you wish to get your own personalized holistic home-care plan to best promote your animal wellness & fitness?

I am now available for consultation, either by email or by phone.

Choose from these two options to communicate with me, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, to ask your personal questions about your animal’s health & fitness.

Get a private and personalized daily home-care plan to fit your animal’s musculoskeletal condition. From your feedback, I will take note of your animal’s physical condition and will answer all your questions in a simple, non-technical, and clear language. Be assured that I will work with you to reach your optimal goals according to your animal specific needs. I also offer follow-up services as part of our commitment to the long-term health and well being of your animal.

Take advantage of the animal profile form to assist you in identifying all aspect of your animal well being.

By filling out the profile form for your animal, you give me a head start and save time on your consultation. Try to be as detailed as possible. You know your animal best. To maximize your phone consultation, you may provide a video clip of your animal to give me actual images of your animal in motion. Please cheque the parameters for the video clip content.

Take advantage of this opportunity by clicking “here”.

Assessment and practical advice

I will provide essential feedback on the following points:

  • The musculoskeletal condition presented by your animal
  • The muscular compensation induced by the present condition
  • The muscular compensation induced by old injuries
  • The location of possible sore muscles or ligament
  • Potential associated stress point locations
  • Evaluation of an inflammatory process
  • Other potential sources of discomfort

List of conditions in which you can actively benefit your animal’s recovery:

  • Muscle strain, over neck, back and legs
  • Ligament sprain, especially suspensory and check ligaments
  • Inflammatory process anywhere in the body
  • Arthritis in any joint
  • Dental and/or Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction problems
  • Problems from ill-fitted tack (saddle, harness)
  • Problems from poor or bad shoeing
  • Compensatory phenomenon from all the above conditions
  • Problems from lack of activity.
  • Problems from over-activity

The advice and services provided by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt are provided to assist people who wish to promote the wellness of their animal(s). They are not intended as substitutes for the medical advice and services of a licensed veterinarian.  Always consult your veterinarian before choosing any therapy.