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Welcoming a new horse

Find out how you can easily and quickly connect with your new horse…

Connecting with your new horse is a special time where you get to better understand his/her personality, learning behavior and playful patterns as well as to introduce your energy and intention to him/her.

You can enhance your performance by using a “natural” massage approach. Use the relaxation massage routine whose sole purpose is to relax the animal in a gentle and yet efficient way. The keys moves of this routine are sequenced to trigger a parasympathetic nervous system response of healing and repair. This time proven hands-on relaxation massage routine is a unique opportunity for you to explore a new form of communication between you and your new horse.

This effortless relaxation massage routine will provide you new animal with a caring, soothing touch that instinctively will appeal to him. In this way, your touch will transfer a lot of “caring information” to your animal. This massage routine can be a non-verbal or a verbal process depending how you wish to proceed. Using your calming voice with words of praise en encouragement will further convey you intention and cement your friendship.

With regular applications you animal will respond even more quickly in his relaxation process, allowing the worried and defensive attitude to ease and be replaced with trust confidence. The magical benefit of this relaxation massage routine will assist you in reaching you goals and see results much faster.

Gain awareness of this exceptional by reading the free full article by clicking here. For visual guidance, I was there personally to guide you through the simple steps to properly perform this easy to apply massage routine, you can download the mini-video (6 minutes) by clicking here.

The long or short version of this distinctive relaxation massage routine will serve you well to ease all of the stresses and fatigues your horse will experiment in his/her new environment and training.