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Canine Massage, A Complete Reference Manual, Second Edition

Does your dog need to relax?

Does he show muscle tension and soreness?

Do you want to massage him and improve his flexibility?

Learn from and expert and his long-awaited update of the classic canine massage reference!

Fully revised and updated, this second edition has over 100 illustrations and 100+ photographs that will guide you every step of the way to help dog owners master canine massage techniques.

Learn to use massage to help your dog relax, to condition the canine athlete, to assist in recovery from injuries or to ease chronic pain. Learn the techniques of a recognized expert in the field so that you can bring the well-known benefits of massage to your dog or become a canine massage professional.

It is the most complete book on the subject. New in this edition – detailed examinations of muscular stress poi8nts, diagnoses and treatments. Information you can’t find anywhere else!

This authoritative guide provides detailed information about massage movements, pressures, rhythms, and sequences. It includes:

  • An introduction to canine anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.
  • Massage movements, pressures, techniques and systems.
  • Massage routines designed to address specific health problems.
  • Practical information on stretching and hydrotherapy
  • Use of massage to relax and bond with your dog.
  • Information about areas of stress specific to each breed/discipline
  • Tips on how to run a canine massage business.

Canine massage enhances the performance and quality of life of dogs by increasing flexibility, reducing stiffness, improving attitude, and shortening recovery time from injury. In addition to its many health benefits, canine massage strengthens the bond between the dog and his owner. Using these techniques, you’ll learn to “see” with your hands and sense areas that need special attention. Canine Massage, Second Edition is truly a hands-on guide to proven massage techniques that improve a dog’s well-being. I know this book will serve you well!

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Canine Muscular Compensation, A Study

Is your dog tracking evenly?

Is he somehow or obviously “crooked”?

Are his limbs stretching equally?

Learn to evaluate any muscular compensation patterns in your dog!

This book describes in great details the phenomenon of myofascial compensation seen in the dog. When the dog feels discomfort or pain, automatically he develops myofascial compensation in order to avoid that problem and to maintain optimal performance. This book teaches you to recognize the various signs of myofascial compensation. It is a great self-educating book that will assist you in maintaining your dog fitness level at its best.

This “Canine Myofascial Compensation Study Manual” is the most complete book on the subject and contains information you cannot find anywhere else! You will learn about:

  • The basics of the canine myofascial system.
  • The basics of canine kinesiology, the study of movement.
  • The basic gaits of the dog.
  • The external lines of compensation with the diagonal, transverse and sidelines of compensation.
  • The internal line of compensation and their influence on the dog’s center of gravity.
  • Detailed information on each individual muscles and its role when in compensatory mode.
  • Precious information on common problems and their compensation pattern.

Whether amateur or professional, this book will develop your skills and confidence in evaluating the canuine myofascial compensation phenomenon. It will contribute to your overall canine expertise. The knowledge gained from this manual will improve your understanding of the dog overall balance at any gait. This in turn will definitely improve the quality of your training as well as your massage application and its lasting benefits.

Early detection of myofascial compensation in your dog helps you get the most of your animal’s well being, as well as saving on recovery time, not to mention money. I know this book will serve you well.

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Canine Massage Awareness Preliminary Home-Study Course (workbook)

Would you like to really learn dog massage?

Would you like to fully absorb this knowledge?

Learn from this expert workbook with over 400 questions and dozens of blank chart!


This book is a companion workbook to the Canine Massage book. It provides you with over 400 pertinent questions to help you absorb the essence of this book. When purchasing this Preliminary Home Study Course, you make a wonderful investment in your future which will greatly enhance your life with your dog. The massage awareness method will allow you to, in a natural way actively participate way to the health and fitness of your dog.

What you are about to learn will change your life and the way you work with your dog forever.  The Massage Awareness home study course on Canine Massage is the most extensive, professional and recreational based canine massage training in North America.  This workbook will help you get the most from your home-study course.

As you read through this book, never allow the brevity of its paragraph nor the simplicity of its words to cause you to treat the book’s content lightly.  Years of research, work and experience went into this practical guide.  It is very rich and each time you will read it again, you will pick up something new.

You can take this course chapter per chapter, as it is presented in the book, or you might consider studying the animal section per section.  For example spend your first couple weeks studying thoroughly the head and neck part of the dog, its skeleton, its joints and ligaments, its deep and superficial muscle layer, its related stress points, etc…..  Then, in the same fashion, study the shoulders, back and hinds. The more you know the structures you work on the better the results.

So with this course you start a new life.  Be patient in your learning process as everything take time to mature.  With this material you will absorb knowledge that has been developed by some of the wisest in the profession.  This home study course will take you in the sunlight of canine massage practice and, combined with your instinct as a dog person, you will soon be very confident in your application of canine massage. You will never look or touch a dog in the same way.

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