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Canine Muscular Anatomy and Kinesiology

Would you like to know the muscles responsible for your dog movements?

Would you like to know their sequences at various gait?

Learn from an expert!

Good performance requires good coordination. Also, for good quality canine massage therapy one requires a solid knowledge of the canine musculature. The objective of this book is to provide you an extensive overview of over 115 important muscles and corresponding fasciae involved on the canine muscular system.

For each muscle you will be given the following information:

  • Location
  • Point of Origin tendon
  • Point of Insertion tendon
  • Blood supply
  • Nerve supply
  • Action

This in-depth knowledge will help you when:

  • Conducting an initial muscular evaluation of an athletic dog to establish a massage program to maintain and improve his performance.
  • Evaluating the dog’s muscular system to pinpoint the muscular groups involved in lameness. The more complicated the problem, the more valuable this knowledge of canine muscular anatomy is!
  • Applying the Origin-Insertion sport massage technique to maintain the fitness of an athletic dog, for optimal performance.
  • Taking notes and corresponding with other professionals.

This knowledge of the canine musculature, coupled with your massage skills, will directly affect the quality of your performance, leading to better results in your hands-on massage work and definitely in the well being of your canine friend.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Canine Muscular Anatomy & Kinesiology”.

Book Review: Love For No Reason

My animal friend, loving is the final frontier. It is the impulsion of compassion.

Our animals do it 24/7. They live in unconditional love all the time, because love is at their core being.

Marcie Shimoff has published a great book, Love For No Reason” (also available in audio CDs) where she helps the reader grasp the multi facets of everyday love. Her goal is to help us understand that love is who we are and to reach pure love as a state of being, so each one can reach his/her highest self, without criticisms or negatives thoughts. And she succeeds!!

Read this book and experience more fulfilling relationships, live healthier and longer, recover quicker from stress, become more effective and creative as well as a better parent by example, and ultimately magnetize more love as the natural universe pay-back. Over several chapters her wisdom helps us understand and become more unconditional all the time and therefore develop a sense of unity with the rest of the world.

She explains the love continuum we all experience at one point or another, with its several love stages ranging from:

  • A no love situation that fosters pain, anger, anxiety and exhaustion.
  • Loving for bad reasons, often to fill a void inside and promotes co-dependency.
  • Loving for good reasons which give you a multiple stream of emotional income.
  • Loving for no reason which is the higher love, the pure love.

Marcy thrives to demonstrate how loving for no reason come from inside, and how it is important to bring love to your outer experience instead of extracting love from your experiences. This will allow you to feel fully present, to practice oneness, to encounter more vitality, more living flow, and to be comfortable giving and receiving love, allowing you to be content, feeling full, feeling the universal love!

Her works expand into many aspects of our daily life and physiology, offering many keys to help us deal with the many situations. Her many suggestions and exercises help us feel the reality of this unconditional love, that Love For No Reason!

Read between the words with the eyes of love and listen with your heart!

PS: In that book I learn that SMILE stands for Start My Internal Love Engine!! Yeaaa!!

Top Massage for Top Balance

Is your horse in top physical condition?

Do you want to maintain him there?

Learn the ultimate equine massage protocol for best care & optimal wellness from an expert!

This book describes in great details a distinctive approach that combines the safest and most beneficial massage techniques to optimize your horse health and fitness. Learn the techniques of a recognized expert in the field so that you can bring the well-known benefits of non-invasive gentle massage techniques to your horse. This book teaches you how to use proven massage routines and stretching exercises in a specific sequence to most benefit your horse. It is a great self-educating book that will assist you in maintaining your horse wellness and fitness level at its best.

This “Top Massage for Top Balance” manual is the most complete book on the subject and contains information you cannot find anywhere else! You will learn about:

  • The basics of the equine massage for you and for your horse.
  • The basics of equine muscular anatomy
  • Detailed information on each individual muscles targeted in the Top Massage Protocol.
  • The Relaxation massage routine.
  • The Myofascial “Tune-up” massage routine.
  • The “Origin-Insertion” sport massage technique on all major muscle groups of your horse.
  • The basics of equine stretching.

Whether amateur or professional, this book will develop your skills and confidence in providing the best massage to your horse. The knowledge gained from this manual will contribute to your overall horsemanship and professional expertise. This in turn will definitely improve the quality of your training as well as your massage application and its lasting benefits.

Regular application of the Top Massage technique on your horse helps you get the most of your animal’s well being and is your best prevention. When dealing with injury, it will assist the horse’s natural healing process, saving on recovery time, while providing most gentle care. I know this book will serve you well.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Top Massage For Top Balance”.