“As a fellow author, teacher, colleague and friend, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt surpassed our expectations for the lecture and hands-on clinic he held at Tuft Veterinarian School. I personally recommend his teaching skills as a continuing education program for any school.”
Mike Scott, LMT, CSF. Author and Director of Equine Massage at Tuft’s Veterinary School.

“Jean-Pierre’s expertise in equine massage advance techniques, stretching and hydrotherapy make him a valuable partner in the maintenance of my top horse clientele.”
Philippe Benoit, D.V.M. Int’l Consultant.

“I consider Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt  leader in horse massage therapy education and one of the foremost experts in his field.”
Steve Engle, D.V.M.

“Jean-Pierre presented one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I am glad I have had the opportunity to receive such high quality instruction and be encouraged to have confidence in oneself to work effectively.”
Joy Falese, AMT and Teacher.

“Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt has masterfully applied well-known, effective human massage techniques to dogs. Canine Massage is a well organized, highly readable book that places those techniques at your fingertips.”
Christine Zink, D.V.M., PhD, author of Peak Performance, Coaching the Canine Athlete, Jumping A-Z: Teach your Dog To Soar and Dog Health & Nutrition for Dummies.

“With sensitive insights and simple language, the author describes common muscular problems underlying gait irregularities. Jean-Pierre explains how hands skilled in massage can contribute to a dog’s comfort and healing.”
Rachel Page Elliott
, author of Dogsteps, A New Look. A Landmark book and video on canine gait and structure. 

“Jean-Pierre is a remarkable horseman, possessing a clear understanding of the horse body, mind and spirit. He is a unique part of my team.”
Michele M. GrubbProfessional Grand Prix Competitor/Trainer.

“Jean-Pierre is our first line of defense against soft tissue and muscle injuries. He is a valued member of our team.”
Arlene “Tuny” PageTop Ranked US Grand Prix Dressage Competitor.

“Jean-Pierre’s techniques and expertise have helped our horses by reducing their fatigue and muscular stress associated with regular training. His expertise and maintenance programs have greatly improved their health and performance.”
Marco BernalTop FEI Trainer and Competitor.

“Jean-Pierre is a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional who has work on many of my horses, as well as myself.”
Nicole Simpson, Professional Grand Prix Jumper Competitor.