Do you groom your animal? Does he love to be groomed?

Are you interested in developing smarter grooming skills?

With Animal Awareness programs you can now easily turn your existing grooming skills & knowledge into smarter performance to benefit both you and your horse! 

Regardless of your horse’s age, breed and level of fitness, he needs to be groomed daily in order to keep his coat healthy and clean. Using your curry comb, this is an outstanding opportunity to give him a gentle, yet precise rub over his major muscle groups.

While grooming your animal over key muscular areas, you will trigger our animal body’s own ability to help itself to optimal health. It will help him relax and will safely affect his whole body by enhancing the circulatory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems and their interdependent functioning.

Animal Awareness offers you visual guidance on the following massage routine so you can incorporate these outlines in your daily grooming:

The Warm-up massage routine (Equine Video 015) is specifically designed to quickly stimulate blood circulation with the intention of perking up the horse before riding or exercising. While it’s not a replacement for warm-up exercises, still, it’s a valuable routine just before a performance.

The Cool-down massage routine (Equine Video 016) is a simple, yet efficient, massage routine for after your horse has exercised. The purpose of this routine is to loosen up the muscles and generate good blood circulation immediately after exercising. It’s designed to prevent stiffening and loss of flexibility. It should be applied as soon as the walking cool-down period is finished.

The Full Body massage routine (Equine Video 006) is designed to help you assess and loosen up all muscle tension, knots, stress points, and trigger points and to detect any other symptoms of muscular abnormalities in any horse.

Please visit the Animal Awareness site to download the massage routine of your choice. By using these massage routines while grooming, you will safely affect your animal’s whole body by enhancing the circulatory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems and their interdependent functioning. In turn this will benefit:

  • Overall economy of the body and to its ability to function efficiently.
  • Increase of the body fluids circulation (blood and lymph – resulting in increased oxygenation and nutrients to the muscle groups).
  • Reduction of Trigger points (lactic acid build up) and Stress points (micro-spasms) formation.
  • A better metabolism, leading to better performance and shorter recuperation time.
  • Relaxation of the nervous system from stress, helping the psycho-physiologic self-regulation factors between body and mind.
  • Reduction of fibrous tissue adhesions build-up which result from inflammation caused by strenuous efforts, overuse (muscle strain) or trauma.
  • Increased emotional bonding allowing him to relax and accept being handled better.

So make your daily grooming a smart activity that will bring all these benefits to the both of you! It will serve you well for all the following situations:

  • Maintenance
  • Pre-training
  • Pre-event
  • Pre-show
  • Pre-travel
  • Pre-vet
  • Pre-purchase

Do not forget you can also stretch your horse right after grooming to maximize the benefits listed above. The Stretching Exercises (Equine Video 007) is also available for download.

These simple steps will be your best prevention against muscular and joint stiffness and will help your horse perform at his best!

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