Want to Save a Horse? You can Help! Meet Derel Twombly founder of Amazing Grace Equine

If your heart and life has been touched by a special horse, then you know how important a horse can be in one’s life. So many horses are in need due to this unfortunate economy!!

After having given their time, strength, energy, and life, most horses have no retirement plan.

This is what prompted Derel Twombly to found Amazing Grace Equine.

Thanks to her, you can help horses never to find themselves in a position where they must be sold “by the pound” or shipped to an auction where they will end up traveling across international borders to a foreign slaughterhouse, the ultimate betrayal. You can prevent this!

Please donate to Amazing Grace Equine! They will help the horses whose owners have not yet “stepped up to the plate” have a second chance! Amazing Grace Equine will find homes, will ease suffering and will prevent the slaughter of horses.

Amazing Grace Equine is organized to provide assistance to horses deemed be valueless or whose sole value may be calculated “by the pound.”  If your horse needs to be re-homed or if you are interested in becoming a foster home for a rescue horse, please get in touch with Amazing Grace Equine…they’re happy to do help you!

Find out how you can help by clicking here.

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