Professional Continual Education Credits (CEUs)

Are you interested in sharpening your massage skills?

Get CEU’s while doing it?

Join me for one of my class, or book yourself some private tutoring time, to get the most out of your skills. For the past 27 years, I have researched and applied new massage techniques to improve our ability to care for our animal friends. My many books and publications are a testimonial to that. Most of these materials have now become common practice in the field of animal massage.

With my company Massage Awareness, I offer you a very unique continual education program, some found nowhere else! These continual education courses are the result of many years of consistent study combined with the feedback of many top professionals in their fields.

Join me to educate yourself with the most advanced & comprehensive Animal Massage Continual Education curriculum available today and found nowhere else!

With these new and more specialized massage techniques you will be able to succeed in keeping up with the continual growing demand of this rapidly expanding field. Continuing Education courses are one way to keep your knowledge base current so you can make a difference in your practice and elevate your status among the professionals in your field.

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