Come develop your hands-on skill!
Join one of our clinics.

I offer both my equine and canine massage clinics here in Florida, at the Lady Jean Ranch, in Jupiter.

At this point, all clinics are $200 per person, payable in advance.

To register for any of the above clinics, please use the Register Button.

I try to keep groups small as to keep the quality of education.

Private Tutoring!!
For best quality of education, I offer a Private Tutoring Option, so the student really interested in taking their skills to their highest development have a chance to participate to a “one on one” session with me. This will maximize their aptitudes in the shortest time.

Bring it on and I will make you as good as I am if you can keep up! Haha! Do not get scarred or intimidated by that prospect! After evaluating your performance, I will be able to attune to your specific needs and assist you in improving on your own following points:
• Positioning and overall posture to save your energy and deliver a more efficient performance.
• Pressure, Contact, Rhythm… sharpen your “hands-on” tactile capabilities.
• Massage moves, making sure you understand all subtleties that each variation offers.
• Massage techniques so you can accurately and efficiently deliver the goods.
• Massage routines, so you can deliver specific results in a short time frame.
• Stretching skills to maintain the flexibility of your animal at its best.
• Hydroherapy modalities to best serve your aims and accentuate your work benefits.
• Advanced approaches to benefit the difficult animals.
• Marketing and networking for an amazing future
For those of you who are serious with their intentions, private tutoring is the best way to reach your full potential fast!

To register for private tutoring, please use the Register Button.

See you soon!

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