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For the pet parent interested in actively participating to their animal’s health and fitness, my company Animal Awareness offers you the best animal holistic education to help you customize the daily care of your animal friend according to its breed, age, needs, and fitness level.

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Act now and learn many simple hands-on massage techniques, stretching exercises and hydrotherapy modalities so you can partake, in a natural way, in the fitness and wellness of your horse.

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Is Your Animal “Off”?

Do you suspect some degenerative problem due to aging

Stop Guessing… Start Knowing by using Infrared Imaging for Injury Identification

Try the newest in technology and see how you can help your horse better by knowing your horse better.

I am excited to offer Infra Red Thermal Imaging for injury identification in horses, dogs and people. My practice is the only certified Thermal Imaging Center in South Florida.

This summer I completed my certification from the Infraspection Institute, the requisite training course for the EquineIR, a specialized Infra Red Veterinary Training Procedure.

Equipped with the FLIR T300, one of the most powerful infrared cameras in the industry, I offer this non invasive state of the art technology at your location year round in Wellington, Florida and from May to October in the Northeastern United State. Alternate travel arrangements are available upon request.

Early identification of inflammation can be the best way to ascertain potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Thermal Imaging is the most economical and safest procedure to aid in the assessment of soundness before pathological changes occur.

To learn more about Thermal Imaging Technology visit

Article in Today’s Equestrian on Equine IR

Today’s Equestrian – November/December 2011

Equine IR – Put it to the test!

EquineIR recently visited the stables of Ashley Holzer, 3-time Canadian Olympic dressage rider, to put Equine Thermal Imaging to the test.

Equine Thermal Imaging utilizes a specialized camera that detects infrared waves and converts
them into an image that is visible to the human eye. Heat emitted from the surface of the patient is directly correlated with circulation, which in turn, depicts areas of inflammation or increased blood flow. While thermography is generally considered to detect hot spots, some of the more significant lesions may be cool areas, where nerves and blood vessels have been damaged.

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