Canine Muscular Anatomy and Kinesiology

Would you like to know the muscles responsible for your dog movements?

Would you like to know their sequences at various gait?

Learn from an expert!

Good performance requires good coordination. Also, for good quality canine massage therapy one requires a solid knowledge of the canine musculature. The objective of this book is to provide you an extensive overview of over 115 important muscles and corresponding fasciae involved on the canine muscular system.

For each muscle you will be given the following information:

  • Location
  • Point of Origin tendon
  • Point of Insertion tendon
  • Blood supply
  • Nerve supply
  • Action

This in-depth knowledge will help you when:

  • Conducting an initial muscular evaluation of an athletic dog to establish a massage program to maintain and improve his performance.
  • Evaluating the dog’s muscular system to pinpoint the muscular groups involved in lameness. The more complicated the problem, the more valuable this knowledge of canine muscular anatomy is!
  • Applying the Origin-Insertion sport massage technique to maintain the fitness of an athletic dog, for optimal performance.
  • Taking notes and corresponding with other professionals.

This knowledge of the canine musculature, coupled with your massage skills, will directly affect the quality of your performance, leading to better results in your hands-on massage work and definitely in the well being of your canine friend.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Canine Muscular Anatomy & Kinesiology”.

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