Is your animal feeling sore?

Is your animal stiff in the morning? Are his muscles sore? Is he tender to touch?

He might be experiencing some pain due to aching muscle fibers, tendons and even ligaments.

Regardless of age or breed, when your animal exercises, the mechanical stress put on his muscles and joints will trigger some soreness. Even lack of exercise in the aging or arthritic animal can result in similar signs.

I recently discovered a new and amazing product recently created by a veterinarian friend of mine. It is a great Topical Spray specifically designed to relieve pain, soreness & inflammation related to muscle/tendon strain or ligament sprain & other injuries. It is made of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents such as Arnica, Boswella Serrata, Eucalyptus, Comfrey just to mention a few and much more.

I found that its greaseless, non-staining consistency makes it an ideal product for all type of massages, from post injury to preventive sport massages as well as in the lighter approach used in the maintenance of aging animal. Furthermore its pleasant scent makes it that much more enjoyable to work with. After application, this product provides a long lasting penetrating pain relief, 8 to 12 hours in most animals. It might be used alone or together with other anti-inflammatory medications as directed by a licensed veterinarian.

A great product to have handy with active animals or aging ones!

It is new and it works!

To find out more about this incredible product, click here.

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