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Equine Massage Awareness Preliminary Home-Study Course (workbook)

Would you like to really learn horse massage?

Would you like to fully absorb this knowledge?

Learn from this expert workbook with over 400questions and dozens of chart to fill in!


This book is a companion workbook to the Equine Massage a Visual Guide book. It provides you with over 400 pertinent questions to help you absorb the essence of this book, as well as several charts for you to test your knowledge of the horse skeleton, joints, ligaments, muscle layers and stress points.

When purchasing this Preliminary Home Study Course, you make a wonderful investment in your future which will greatly enhance your life with your horse. The massage awareness method will allow you to, in a natural way, actively participate way to the health and fitness of your horse.

What you are about to learn will change your life and the way you work with your horse forever.  The Massage Awareness home study course on Equine Massage is the most extensive, professional and recreational based equine massage training in North America.  This workbook will help you get the most from your home-study course. As you read through this book, never allow the brevity of its paragraph nor the simplicity of its words to cause you to treat the book’s content lightly.  Years of research, work and experience went into this practical guide.  It is very rich and each time you will read it again, you will pick up something new.

You can take this course chapter per chapter, as it is presented in the book, or you might consider studying the animal section per section.  For example spend your first couple weeks studying thoroughly the head and neck part of the horse, its skeleton, its joints and ligaments, its deep and superficial muscle layer, its related stress points, etc…..  Then, when you feel good and solid about this part, move on to the shoulder and foreleg structures in the same fashion for the next couple weeks.  Then, work on the back section and finally the hip and hind-quarters.  Within a couple month you should have absorb most of your anatomical knowledge and that is good as it is the foundation of your work.  The more you know the structures you work on the better the results.

So with this course you start a new life.  Be patient in your learning process as everything take time to mature.  With this material you will absorb knowledge that has been developed by some of the wisest in the profession.  This home study course will take you in the sunlight of equine massage practice and, combined with your instinct as a horse person, you will soon be very confident in your application of equine massage. You will never look or touch a horse in the same way.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Equine Massage Awareness Preliminary Home-Study Course WORKBOOK”.

Fitness Evaluation of the Horse

Is your horse fit?

Do you know his strengths and weaknesses?

Learn to evaluate the fitness of any horse – in the stable and in the saddle!

Learn to evaluate the fitness of any horse – in the stable and in the saddle. This guide helps horse owners, riders, and trainers at all levels learn how to assess any horse’s fitness, strengths, and weakness over a 25 point check-up routine. If you’re buying a horse, this will help you pre-assess prospects before getting the complete veterinary examination. If you own a horse, these techniques will help you better understand your horse’s aptitudes, customize a training program, identify signs of strain, and provide better care for your horse.

With step-by-step instructions and almost 200 photos and drawings showing the proper positioning and approach for each technique, you will learn:

  • Hand palpation skills, several basic massage movements, and simple stretching exercises
  • A Riding Evaluation Program (REP) that helps you identify abnormalities in gaits, tight muscle groups or sore joints, and more
  • A Palpation Evaluation Program (PEP) in which you use your fingertips to pinpoint problems along a 25 point check-up routine.
  • How to perform an assessment of the horse’s musculoskeletal system, with twenty-five points on each side

Fitness Evaluation of the Horse teaches you to evaluate the soundness and fitness of a horse in a hands-on manner so that you can fine tune your training program, improve your performance, and enhance your relationship with your horse.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Fitness Evaluation of the Horse”.

Fire safety in barns

My animal friends, I want to introduce to you an amazing person.

Laurie Loveman has devoted a lifetime to the prevention of animal cruelty, and especially when animals were dying in preventable fires. She believes that as a guardian of our fellow creatures, we have the responsibility for ensuring they are protected from peril. To that effect, she has created an amazing website full of unique information that will help any responsible animal owner, barn manager and other equine professional take the right actions to ensure that all barns are fire safe! Visit

She quickly point out that the cost of prevention is very low when compared to economic disruptions when animals died as a result of fire or other disaster. Economics aside, she also reminds us of the sadness of the emotional toll suffered for the following years.

Today, more than ever, due to modern technology WE DO NEED TO BE MORE VIGILANT.

Years ago, most boarding stables were wooden structures inside and out with items produced from “natural” materials such as leather, iron, cotton, wool, and rubber. Nowadays we have more plastic and petroleum-based products in our barns than we realize. Just look around: plastic feed tubs, plastic water buckets, nylon hay bags, nylon halters and lead ropes, nylon saddle bags, plastic stall signs, horse ball toys, grooming tools, and plastic manure forks, not to mention the plastics used in packaging supplements, feed bag liners, bagged wood shavings, and even plastic baler twine. The very important factor to realize is that in a fire, the gases produced by plastic products are highly toxic. These carbon monoxide gases cause serious danger to eyes and lungs.

So come to visit her site to learn all about fire prevention.

  • See her “Fire Prevention Check List
  • Find out what you need to do to create an “Emergency Plan
  • Make your own “Disaster Kit” including First Aid Supplies for you and your horses

All her recommendations will help you make your barn safer and ready to respond to crisis.

Find out about the various fire extinguishers, portable heaters and fans hazards and recalls.

She also offers many valuable links that will assist you in such crisis times.

Equine Massage A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Do you want to increase your horse flexibility and reduce his stiffness?

Do you want to improve his attitude and develop a stronger bond?

Learn from this long-awaited update of the classic equine massage reference!

Fully revised and updated, this new edition provides step-by-step instructions and more than 180 photographs and diagrams to help riders and professionals alike master equine massage techniques. This authoritative guide provides detailed information about massage movements, pressures, rhythms, and sequences. It includes:

  • An introduction to equine anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  • Practical information on stretching and hydrotherapy
  • Four new chapters covering equine myofascial massage, Equine TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Dysfunction Syndrome, Equine Muscular Compensation Phenomenon, and saddle fitting
  • A conformation check-up routine
  • Information about areas of stress specific to each discipline and different massage techniques and routines for different situations
  • A handy comb-bound format that lays flat for convenient use in the stable

Equine massage enhances the performance and quality of life of horses by increasing flexibility, reducing stiffness, improving attitude, and shortening recovery time from injury. In addition to its many health benefits, equine massage strengthens the bond between the horse and his owner, trainer, or groom. Using these techniques, you’ll learn to “see” with your hands and sense areas that need special attention. Equine Massage, Second Edition is truly a hands-on guide to proven massage techniques that improve a horse’s well-being.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Equine Massage A Practical Guide, Second Edition”.

Book Review: Love For No Reason

My animal friend, loving is the final frontier. It is the impulsion of compassion.

Our animals do it 24/7. They live in unconditional love all the time, because love is at their core being.

Marcie Shimoff has published a great book, Love For No Reason” (also available in audio CDs) where she helps the reader grasp the multi facets of everyday love. Her goal is to help us understand that love is who we are and to reach pure love as a state of being, so each one can reach his/her highest self, without criticisms or negatives thoughts. And she succeeds!!

Read this book and experience more fulfilling relationships, live healthier and longer, recover quicker from stress, become more effective and creative as well as a better parent by example, and ultimately magnetize more love as the natural universe pay-back. Over several chapters her wisdom helps us understand and become more unconditional all the time and therefore develop a sense of unity with the rest of the world.

She explains the love continuum we all experience at one point or another, with its several love stages ranging from:

  • A no love situation that fosters pain, anger, anxiety and exhaustion.
  • Loving for bad reasons, often to fill a void inside and promotes co-dependency.
  • Loving for good reasons which give you a multiple stream of emotional income.
  • Loving for no reason which is the higher love, the pure love.

Marcy thrives to demonstrate how loving for no reason come from inside, and how it is important to bring love to your outer experience instead of extracting love from your experiences. This will allow you to feel fully present, to practice oneness, to encounter more vitality, more living flow, and to be comfortable giving and receiving love, allowing you to be content, feeling full, feeling the universal love!

Her works expand into many aspects of our daily life and physiology, offering many keys to help us deal with the many situations. Her many suggestions and exercises help us feel the reality of this unconditional love, that Love For No Reason!

Read between the words with the eyes of love and listen with your heart!

PS: In that book I learn that SMILE stands for Start My Internal Love Engine!! Yeaaa!!

Equine Massage Therapy for Equine Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (ETDS)

Does your horse loose weight? Does he react to the bit?

Does he have teeth problems?

Learn how you can detect early signs of TMJ in your horse and care for it when chronic!

This book teaches you to detect the early signs, as well as the chronic signs of the temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome. Educate yourself in the simple massage and stretching techniques from a recognized expert in the field so you can bring the well-known benefits of massage to help your horse recover from this debilitating condition.

“Equine Massage therapy for the Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (ETDS)” is the most complete book on the subject and contains information you cannot find anywhere else! You will learn about:

  • The basics of the equine TMJ anatomy (bones, nerves, vessels, joint).
  • The muscles of mastication with an in-depth anatomy description.
  • Simple tests to check the health of the TMJ.
  • Precious information on the signs and symptoms for all phases of ETDS (acute, sub-acute & chronic phase).
  • Excellent massage routine outlines for each phase (including hydrotherapy).
  • Stretching techniques.
  • Acupressure point to assist vitality flow.

Preventive or palliative massage for ETDS will ensure a good TMJ performance. This will result in a good sensitivity in the horse’s mouth for increase finesse in riding and secure a good mastication apparatus for a better mastication and absorption of his food and its nutrients. Also, a healthy TMJ contributes to a better overall balance.

Whether amateur or professional, this book will develop your skills and confidence. The knowledge gained from this manual will allow you to, in a natural way, actively prevent this condition as well as participate in the recovery of a horse already afflicted with ETDS. Early detection helps you get the most of your animal’s well being, as well as saving on recovery time, not to mention money. I know this book will serve you well.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Equine Massage Therapy for Equine Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (ETDS)”.

Is your animal feeling sore?

Is your animal stiff in the morning? Are his muscles sore? Is he tender to touch?

He might be experiencing some pain due to aching muscle fibers, tendons and even ligaments.

Regardless of age or breed, when your animal exercises, the mechanical stress put on his muscles and joints will trigger some soreness. Even lack of exercise in the aging or arthritic animal can result in similar signs.

I recently discovered a new and amazing product recently created by a veterinarian friend of mine. It is a great Topical Spray specifically designed to relieve pain, soreness & inflammation related to muscle/tendon strain or ligament sprain & other injuries. It is made of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents such as Arnica, Boswella Serrata, Eucalyptus, Comfrey just to mention a few and much more.

I found that its greaseless, non-staining consistency makes it an ideal product for all type of massages, from post injury to preventive sport massages as well as in the lighter approach used in the maintenance of aging animal. Furthermore its pleasant scent makes it that much more enjoyable to work with. After application, this product provides a long lasting penetrating pain relief, 8 to 12 hours in most animals. It might be used alone or together with other anti-inflammatory medications as directed by a licensed veterinarian.

A great product to have handy with active animals or aging ones!

It is new and it works!

To find out more about this incredible product, click here.

Top Massage for Top Balance

Is your horse in top physical condition?

Do you want to maintain him there?

Learn the ultimate equine massage protocol for best care & optimal wellness from an expert!

This book describes in great details a distinctive approach that combines the safest and most beneficial massage techniques to optimize your horse health and fitness. Learn the techniques of a recognized expert in the field so that you can bring the well-known benefits of non-invasive gentle massage techniques to your horse. This book teaches you how to use proven massage routines and stretching exercises in a specific sequence to most benefit your horse. It is a great self-educating book that will assist you in maintaining your horse wellness and fitness level at its best.

This “Top Massage for Top Balance” manual is the most complete book on the subject and contains information you cannot find anywhere else! You will learn about:

  • The basics of the equine massage for you and for your horse.
  • The basics of equine muscular anatomy
  • Detailed information on each individual muscles targeted in the Top Massage Protocol.
  • The Relaxation massage routine.
  • The Myofascial “Tune-up” massage routine.
  • The “Origin-Insertion” sport massage technique on all major muscle groups of your horse.
  • The basics of equine stretching.

Whether amateur or professional, this book will develop your skills and confidence in providing the best massage to your horse. The knowledge gained from this manual will contribute to your overall horsemanship and professional expertise. This in turn will definitely improve the quality of your training as well as your massage application and its lasting benefits.

Regular application of the Top Massage technique on your horse helps you get the most of your animal’s well being and is your best prevention. When dealing with injury, it will assist the horse’s natural healing process, saving on recovery time, while providing most gentle care. I know this book will serve you well.

To see more information on the book, click here for “Top Massage For Top Balance”.


 Over the years many of my students and customers have asked me about my business names, Massage Awareness and Animal Awareness. Well, as much as I wish it had been a very thoughtful process, it was mostly an intuition! See, I believe in Magic, the magical truth of reality, when one is clear in his intention and going about his business! True power is grounded in spiritual awareness. It is to do with trusting your inner wisdom.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of awareness:

Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human’s or an animal’s perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.

From my years of life experience, I much prefer this simpler and yet more precise definition:

Awareness is the meeting point between the spirit and the body.

This explanation suits my spiritual awareness better. Being aware brings you in the present. It allows you to bring your mind under your control. The moment you ask yourself “what am I thinking now”, you are aware as you bring your mind to the present moment! Practice this questioning several time a day and you will gain control of your mind. This is where your power is! I strongly believe that when one’s awareness of reality, combined with the intention of helping with massage healing work, meet the recipient’s own awareness (person/animal), great healing can happen. Remember, all of your power is in your awareness of your power!

When two spirits meet and relate to that, the natural and innate healing dimension kicks in and creates a therapeutic and curative mood, allowing the recipient to let go of the feeling of what was heeling them! Therefore Awareness was the word I choose some 25 years ago to represent my businesses and their intentions.

Today, my Massage Awareness business is dedicated to providing massage services to humans, horses and dogs, as well as being the number one in continual education for the professionals who wish to learn more advance techniques and approaches in the realms of animal massage therapy.

My Animal Awareness business is devoted to provide animal owners with valuable information and visual guidance on how to care provide assistance to their animals in between professional visits. Furthermore, Animal Awareness is committed to developing good home care programs to benefit your animals, young or aging, fit or diseased, so they can enjoy their day-to-day life to the fullest.

So, aim to bring awareness and love to all you think, say and do!