The Rider’s Fitness Guide To A Better Seat

Are you fit? Is your back sore?

Are you using your body smartly?

Learn how you can develop strong core muscles and ease backache!

To all active persons, maintaining good core muscle fitness is crucial so they do not over strain their back muscles, resulting in chronic back soreness. If the core muscles are weak your body develops compensation, causing deep muscular tension to form along the spine, hips and shoulder, resulting in limited range of motions for the entire body.

Learning of the core muscles will allow you to develop your awareness of them. In turn this will help you increase their fitness as well as their flexibility. This will result not only in an overall better posture, but also in better stamina and sense of balance.

It is your responsibility to develop your core muscles. In my book “The Rider’s Fitness Guide to a Better Seat” I provide several exercises programs that will help you increase your control of your core muscles. To maximize your performance and to minimize the risk of injury many athletes, regardless of your sport, I use a “Cross-Training’ approach. It allows you to better work from your core muscles, resulting in improved balance, strength and endurance.

This book contains information useful to all person, beginners and professionals alike. It provides general anatomical knowledge of all the core muscles and a comprehensive listing of many strengthening and stretching exercises to put the reader in tune with his body. Any of these exercises can easily be performed anywhere as you do not require any equipment, just this book. Even if you are on the road a lot, nothing stop you to easily maintain you fitness.

To imply these simple programs three days a week will greatly increase your strength, stamina and improve your coordination within thirty days resulting in an overall better fitness. After only ten days you will notice a difference and by the end of the month you will feel you have a new body awareness

To horse riders a good seat is vital for good riding performance. A good seat allows for a better communication of your aids which leads to a more harmonious and effortless contact with your horse, allowing him to work at his best. To ride harmoniously your center of gravity has to move in sink with the horse’s center of gravity. When this happens, the ride flows very smoothly. Otherwise, in order to keep up with your horse performance, you spend a lot of energy constantly adjusting your balance and fighting gravity, a very tiring experience.

The exercise programs presented in this book will transform the way your body feels and perform. They will help you develop body awareness, strength of movement and good posture and an easy, graceful seat.

To see more information on the book, click here for “The Rider’s Fitness Guide to a Better Seat”.

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