Is your dog aging well?

Is your dog aging well? Is he uncomfortable?

Learn how to recognize 5 main early aging signs!

Get involved in caring for your dog with a home care health program!

“When time flies, this is a sure sign of aging” my father use to say! Today, I recognize those wise words as so true, unfortunately! But you are never too busy for the one you love.

Most dogs stay very young at heart, always ready to go for a walk, or to play or to “sniff out any good smelling stuff”. However, with his/her age progress, you can play an important role in keeping your dog healthy longer. Here are 5 important signs that occur in your animal you need to know about so you can take early action to remedy each one.

  1. Decreased activity. As your dog age, his metabolic rate slows resulting in less activity. Furthermore, the ware-and-tear of the musculoskeletal system leads to various grade of inflammation in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints causing body aches and possibly arthritis. Action: Regular light massage rubs will maintain good blood flow to the various body parts and will assist the dog’s natural healing faculties. Also, proper gentle stretching will maintain optimal flexibility in his joints.
  2. Weight gain. Another side effect of the slowing metabolic rate is weight gain. Your elderly dog requires 30 to 40 percent fewer calories. So if you simply keep him eating a normal maintenance diet, often it results in obesity. Action: Regular exercises, as much as he can do, will help burn some of those calories. Consult your veterinarian for advice on your dog’s diet.
  3. Loss of hearing. Very much like humans, the specialized tissues and nerve cells that compose the hearing apparatus of the dog degenerate with aging, resulting in a slow loss of hearing. Action: Regular massage and stretching of your dog hears can stimulate those nerve cells and somewhat slow down the degenerative process and maintain his hearing.
  4. Loss of vision. Often in elderly dog, the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, a condition known as “Lenticular Sclerosis”. However, this natural change does not cause significant vision loss. Possible cataracts may develop, which do interfere with vision! Action: Have your veterinarian check your dog eyes as soon as you notice the cloudiness. Early detection can delay this natural degenerative process.
  5. Infections. With age, the dog’s natural immune system weakens, rendering him/her more prone to infection. Action: With any infection, consult your veterinarian immediately for proper diagnosis and advice on the proper course of action.

A home care health program, with regular application of light massage, gentle stretching and some hydrotherapy modalities when applicable, can make a huge difference in the quality of life of your aging animal. It will seriously increase your dog’s chance of living better and longer.

Get involved and participate directly to your animal wellbeing! Your daily application of massage, stretching and hydrotherapy will greatly contribute to your dog health and well being, and optimize his chance for a longer and fuller life.

Furthermore, your palpation skills will allow you to detect any abnormalities and symptoms of inflammation much earlier than by sight, allowing you to take immediate action. Also, this daily home care will strengthen your relationship with your dog and he will love you for it.

Visit my Animal Awareness site where you will find a free library of articles regarding relevant condition that all animals face.  My goal is help you provide quality home care for the benefit of your animal.  You can also apply for a private consultation with me to develop the best home care for your animal.


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