4 simple palpation skills that will serve you for a lifetime

Is your animal sore? Is he uncomfortable?

What is the best way to know how your animal is doing?

Learn 4 simple palpation skills that will serve you for a lifetime!

Developing some simple palpation skills will help you feel for any abnormal changes on your animal body. The palms of your hands and your fingertips will give you accurate feedback on the physiological state of the various parts you are working on. You must concentrate so as to detect subtle changes in the body on which you are working. The quality of your feedback depends strongly on the sensitivity of your hands.

A good way to develop your perceptions is to work with your eyes closed. This will help you focus on your fingertips, developing your tactility and enhancing your touch.

On a daily basis, use a light touch to go quickly over your animal entire body and look for the following:

First: Any variations in temperature, especially the increase in heat that is associated with an inflammatory process in the soft tissue such as muscle strain or ligament sprain, even possible joint arthritis.

Second: Any modification in the texture of the coat such as puffiness due to swelling is another sure sign of inflammation. The swelling is cause by the extra lymphatic fluid involved in the natural healing process.

Third: Any reaction of your animal to your light touch is another other give away sign. If he/she reacts with a stressful look or move away during your palpation that is also a sign of soreness.

Fourth: Any changes in muscle tone, meaning the elasticity of the muscle fibers. As you become acquainted to touching your animal muscle groups, develop a sense for his/hers muscle tone. Any abnormal hardening of the muscle fibers is revealing of muscular compensation and possibly the presence of trigger points or even stress points.

Be careful when dealing with what appears to be an abnormal situation. When in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

If you are interest in developing your palpation skills, click here read the article on Canine Massage Simplified, or here for Equine Massage Simplified located on the Animal Awareness site.

For visual guidance on developing your palpation skills, click here for dogs or here for horses.

This video include a demonstration of the laying of hands approach. Use it as it will often help to sooth a sore area. Hydrotherapy, the application of heat or cold modalities (dog or horse) also will relieve the inflammation and pain considerably, assisting recovery and definitively comforting your animal.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found the information useful.  My goal is help you provide quality home care for the benefit of your animal.

Please visit the FREE library of articles (dog articles / horse articles) that address important aspects of how you can actively contribute to your animal’s wellness and fitness.

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